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Meet hash rosin pens by Fidels a pure, all-natural extract of our craft cannabis flowers with all of the same benefits of live hash rosin, now in the convenience of a 0.5g disposable vape pen.

We use our freshest, fullest nugs. Harvested by hand with no trim and no larf.

Those premium nugs are frozen immediately after harvest. Once frozen, they are washed in ice water to naturally separate the trichomes from the plant matter to isolate all very high terpenes and cannabinoids.

The extracted cannabinoids are placed in a pharmaceuti­cal grade freeze dryer to remove moisture.

Now resembling “bubble hash;’ the product is squished with heat & pressure to create an oily substance that re­sembles honey. This all-natural Live Hash Rosin is placed into our cartridge. Buy Fidels Hash Rosin Pens


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Aptico Amaretto, Fresa Con Crema, Wild Rubies, Purple Azalea, Runtz, Selosa, Euphoria, OG,, Tropicana Grape Cake, Caramel Apple, Pablo's Revenge, Sandia, Kiwi Sherb, Starfruit, Strawberry Kiwi, Thrills and Chills, Hawaiian Papaya, ZPie


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