DNA Genetics X Fidels Hash Holes

DNA Genetics X Fidels Hash Holes

DNA Genetics and Fidels have collaborated to offer you top-tier DNA Genetics & Crockett Family Farms Hash Holes. Fidels’ pre-rolls have garnered significant acclaim in the industry, and these meticulously crafted premium pre-rolls are filled with a combination of DNA Genetics rosin and flower. Both the flower and rosin used in the Hash Holes were cultivated at Natura, our partner facility known for its state-of-the-art greenhouses.

We currently have two sizes on offer:


2.8 Grams of ZtrawberrieZ Flower w/ 1 Gram of Strawberry Banana rosin

2.8 Grams of Kosher Dawg Flower w/ 1 Gram of DNA Cake rosin.


1.5 Grams of ZtrawberrieZ Flower w/ 0.5 Gram of Strawberry Banana rosin

1.5 Grams of Kosher Dawg Flower w/ 0.5 Gram of DNA Cake rosin.

DNA Genetics FIdel Hash Holes

Dispensaries & Locations carrying DNA Genetics x Fidel Hash Holes

Dr. Greenthumbs –  Sylmar (12767 Foothill Blvd, Slymar, CA 91342)

Lemonade – Sacramento (1115 Fee Dr, Sacramento, CA 95815)

Cali Kosher – Patterson (520 Park Central Dr, Patterson, CA 95363)

Vibes By California – Stockton (1550 W Fremont St STE 100, Stockton, CA,95203)

Vibes By California – Sacramento (8112 Alpine AVE, Sacramento, CA 95826)

Mainstage – Sacramento (2320 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818)

Green Cross of Torrance – Torrance (1658 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90501)

Northstar Holistic Collective – Sacramento (1236 C St, Sacramento, CA 95814)

If you don’t see your local dispensary carrying DNA Genetics, let them know you want our products in their store.

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